We like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and a host of other things..

Welcome to a new dive club with a difference.  We like diving but we also like having fun and lots of it.
Most of our members have different hobbies such as flying, sailing, surfing, kite boarding, canoeing, kayaking and a whole lot more. 
It makes for an interesting club with interesting people which is why we smile alot.

We dive all over the UK and have ventured to the Isles of Scilly, North West Scotland, Devon & Cornwall.  Basically, if there's scallops, pubs and a chance to go diving, you'll find us there.

So fancy giving snorkeling or diving a try?  Then contact us and we'll tell you about our Learn to Dive courses, advance your diving qualifications and Boat Handling courses including Diver Coxswain and RYA Powerboat Level I & II.

Come on down, the waters lovely.

Please do visit our Facebook site for all the up to the minute information and whats going on in the club. Just search South Bay Scuba.